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Pegasus Aggression and Fear 30c 25g

Pegasus Aggression and Fear is a homeopathic supplement that helps calm animals that have been maltreated and /or abused, that are reacting from fear based experiences, resulting in malicious, destructive and aggressive behaviour (biting humans or other animals). *Safe to use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals.

Feelgood Pets Parvo-K Granules 20g

Feelgood Pets Parvo-K is a homeopathic remedy for canine parvovirus that will help to reduce symptoms of Canine Parvovirus. Should you suspect your dog has Parvo, please place your order as soon as possible as parvo is highly contagious and can be deadly if not treated quickly.

Feelgood Pets PetCalm Granules 20g

Feelgood Pets PetCalm is a homeopathic remedy for anxious or nervous cats and dogs. PetCalm comes in the form as small, quick-dissolving capsules which can easily be sprinkled into wet food. Ideal for use as a remedy during stressful occasions, or as a supportive supplement for anxious pets. PetCalm is a locally made natural product, and is beneficial for rescue pets adjusting to life in a new home environment.