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Protexin Soluble Multi-strain Probiotic

Protexin Soluble is a palatable 7-strain probiotic powder which can be added to milk, water or top dressed onto the animal’s food. This completely natural biological product ensures a beneficial balance of digestive tract micro-organisms in all animals. This in turn enables the animal to resist the effects of stress and infections. Suitable for: Dogs / Cats / Hamsters / Rodents / Birds /Piglets / Weaners / Cattle / Calves / Lambs

Natural Millet Spray

Natural Millet Spray is left on the stalk and provides a great treat for birds. It has an appealing texture and delicate taste and satisfies a bird's need to forage by harvesting his own seed. Plus it provides entertainment and keeps birds busy!

Nature’s Nest Avian Deluxe

Nature's Nest Avian Deluxe is fully balanced and can be the only source of food or in combination with fresh fruits and vegetables. It comprises in base of Nature’s Nest Complete Pellets with carefully selected additional quality ingredients for maximum palatability and nutrition. This has become the food of choice for many of your feathered friends.

Beeztees Iodine Pickstone – Round

Beeztees Iodine Pickstone contains important minerals for your bird.

Westerman’s Bird Seed Heart Suet Feeder 25 x 7cm

Westerman's Bird Seed Heart Suet Feeder is a bird feeder that can be hung in the garden. It can hold a suet slab and attracts a wide variety of wild birds. Dimensions: 25 x 23.5 x 7cm

Daro Monkey Nuts

Daro Healthy 'Monkey Nuts' mix for birds, an interesting addition to any diet - sure to be a hit with your pet

Animalzone Parrot Food Natural

Animalzone Parrot Food Natural is the most natural balanced bird food available for parrots. All Animalzone Parrot Food Natural grains are first roasted, thereafter milled and shaped with a cold process, ensuring all additives are not exposed to high temperatures. This increases digestibility even more than extruded products.

Westerman’s Bird Seed Suet Feeder 24 x Ø7 cm

Westerman's Bird Seed Suet Feeder is a bird feeder that can be hung in the garden. It can hold a suet slab and attracts a wide variety of wild birds. Dimensions: 24 x Ø 7 cm

Beeztees Cuttle Fish Bone

Beeztees Cuttle Fish Bone contains important minerals for your bird.

Daro Mixed Bird Seed

Daro Mixed Bird Seed is great to use in your garden feeders to attract various garden birds.

Daro Frooty Parrot Mix 2KG

Daro Fruity Parrot Mix is a premium quality parrot food mix, ideal for parrots and large parakeets.

Daro Frootz Treats

Ideal for a tasty treat for your large bird.