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Kunduchi Super Grass Food Supplement

Kunduchi Super Grass is a highly nutritious living supplement for cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs etc to eat. It also adds roughage to their diet and helps cats to expel fur balls the natural way. Super Grass is as simple as adding water to grow and takes approximately one week.

Felisine Paste for Cats 60g

Felisine Paste for Cats is a highly palatable gel paste for cats containing L-Lysine. Felisine paste for cats offers a new option in managing complications caused by Feline Herpesvirus (FHV-1) infections. This delicious paste can be given daily or long term to help boost the immune system.

Pegasus Renal 12c 25g

Pegasus Renal is a homeopathic treatment for the support of more chronic Kidney & Bladder issues; blood in urine, bladder retention, kidney stones, involuntary urination and incontinence. *Safe to use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals.

Pegasus Kennel Cough & Cold 30c 25g

Pegasus Kennel Cough & Cold is a homeopathic treatment for chest symptoms, including cough, cold & fever.    

Kyron Nutrostim Gel 75G

Kyron Nutrostim Gel with Evening Primrose Oil is a high calorie nutritional supplement in a concentrated form. It stimulates appetite and can be used in all animal species. Indications:
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • Provides additional kilojoules needed during convalescence from illness and/or surgery.
  • Provides extra source of energy for working and hunting dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.
  • Could also be given as a healthy treat to animals who are not ill.
  • Can be used to mask the taste of tablets where the animal is reluctant to accept this dosage form.

Pegasus Throat 30c 25g

Pegasus Throat is a homeopathic natural 'antibiotic' remedy for sore, inflamed, infected throats. *Safe to use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals.

Pegasus Haematonic 6c 25g

Pegasus Haematonic is a homeopathic treatment for the use as a general blood tonic. Excellent in recuperative situations, e.g. post Biliary and surgical procedure or general debilitation. *Safe to use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals.

Eco-Vet Colostrum for Cats & Dogs (60 Doses)

Eco-Vet Colostrum nutritional supplement for both dogs and cats fights ageing, infection and allergy and ensures healthy litters. A unique product with a multi-vitamin approach to ensure that the skin receives adequate nourishment. Colostrum is the very first food of life, an amazing substance with the ability to protect and even rejuvenate.