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Amazonia Aloe Vera Pet Care Conditioner 500ml

Amazonia Aloe Vera Anti-Itch Natural Conditioner for dogs is Perfect for canines with sensitive skin. To provide a deep clean and soothe skin the special formula is designed to deeply clean and soften your pet's sensitive, dry coat and skin. It draws upon a lovely Aloe Vera fragrance to make all the neighbourhood pets jealous of your pet's beautiful aroma. The conditioner promotes regeneration of dry skin and hydrates the fur Aloe Vera has shown to provide a protective barrier for the skin and help to lock in moisture. Aloe Vera also has soothing effects to reduce skin irritation and assist in healing. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and B6, minerals, and amino acids to encourage optimal skin and coat health. Emollient properties help to detangle and moisturise the coat and add a beautiful shine.