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Rosewood Jumbo Cord Plush Oval Bed – Grey

Ensure your dogs gets forty winks in style and comfort in this soft and cozy grey oval sleeper. Stylish and modern for today's home. Machine washable.

Rosewood Tweed and Plush Round Pet Bed

Rosewood Tweed and Plush Round Pet Bed is a cute tweed bed with a soft luxury plush inner, suitable for cats and small dogs. Stylish and modern for todays home. Diameter: 48cm 50% plush and 50% tweed. Machine washable.  

Rosewood Luxury Fleece Lined Plush Sofa

74cm - This snug, quality sofa bed provides not only comfort but firm even support. A perfect match for dogs that likes somewhere to rest their heads. The cover is removable, making it easy to keep clean.

Rosewood Chillax Cool Soak Ball Dog Toy 7cm

Rosewood Chillax Cool Soak Ball Dog Toy is a tough rubber toy with cooling capabilities. Simply fill the toy with water and freeze overnight. Ideal for outdoor play. Ridges help to massage teeth and gums Size: 7cm

Rosewood Tough Dental Throw Dog Toy

Rosewood Tough Dental Throw Dog Toy is made with a hard nylon centre, soft rubber outer and knotted rope. Your dog will spend hours playing, tugging and chewing this toy. While your dog plays with the Dental Throw, they will be massaging their gums and keeping their teeth clean whilst also satisfying their natural instinct to play.

Rosewood Poop Bags Premium Degradable 100pcs

Rosewood Poop Bags Premium Degradable make quick poop disposal easy and hassle free!
  • 50% thicker than the average poop bag
  • Extra strong
  • Degradable
  • Lemon fragrance
  • Has handles for quick disposal
  • 100 Bags

Rosewood Woodies Fruity Rollers

Made with natural softwood and coloured with vegetable-based dyes, these rollers are pet safe and allow your rabbits & small animals to enjoy gnawing on fun fruit shapes. This challenging toy rolls around as your pet tries to gnaw on it. Designed to provide hours of stimulating fun for rabbits, hamsters and other small animals with its twisting, turning and rolling fun!

Rosewood Woodies Play Carrots

Fun to play with and gnaw. Ideal for all small animals.

Rosewood Pet Bed Bed – Spotted

This comfy, cozy small sleeper is made from soft plush fabric and is designed to complement the modern home. Machine washable. Also features a non-slip base. Ideal for cats and small dogs.

Rosewood Dotty Feline Bed

This cute and cozy cat shaped design bed will keep your feline friend comfortable and warm. Its padded sides provide for a perfect nights sleep.

Rosewood Snuggle Plush Pyramid

The snuggle plush pyramid has a soft luxury plush cream inner and a unique grey patterned plush on the outside. Stylish and Modern for today's home. Machine washable.

Rosewood Snuggle Plush 2 in 1 Cat Comfort Den

Rosewood 2 in 1 Cat comfort den combines style with comfort. Its super soft material will keep the cat warm and cosy. It effortlessly unfolds from a pyramid to a full size snuggly blanket with a zip. Thick outside material keeps its shape. Machine washable.